I love Google Reader. It feels like I’ve learned so much just by reading and skimming through blogs and articles that other people put out. It is also amazing how a lot of really smart, knowledgeable people write because they want to share their experiences and knowledge.

Anyway, these are some of the SQL Server sites and blogs I read and monitor (in no particular order):

  • Database Journal (including The MAK)
  • SQL Server Central
  • SQL Server Performance
  • SQL Skills (including Kimberly Tripp, Paul Randal, Bob Beauchemin)
  • SQLTeam
  • SQLBlog (including Kalen Delaney, Kevin Kline, Adam Machanic, Paul Nielsen and Tibor Karaszi)
  • MSSQLTips
  • Simple Talk

I also really like reading

  • Brent Ozar (Becoming a DBA, How to Hire a DBA, SQL Server Best Practices)
  • Jacob Sebastian (XQuery Lab, T-SQL Lab)
  • Glen Berry
  • Buck Woody
  • Joe Webb
  • Joe Sack (author of SQL Server 2000 Fast Answers and T-SQL Recipes series)
  • Pinal Dave
  • Jason Massie (have you seen the knock knock joke, and Bobby Tables – Captain VARCHAR(MAX) edition?)

Fun Stuff!

I’m using Google Reader Discovery function to help me discover some more good blogs/sites on SQL Server, but it cannot keep up with me ?

Follow Up:

I didn’t mean to forget – I also read Brad McGehee‘s articles a lot! He is the founder of SQLServerPerformance.com. Check out these articles : Brad’s SureDBA Checklist, Professional Certification for DBAs and the rest of his articles.

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