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Get SQL Server 2012 SSRS Report Rendering Extensions Using PowerShell

There are new rendering extensions supported in SSRS 2012. Welcome extensions are the OPENXML rendering formats, to be used with Word 2007/2010 (.docx) and Excel 2007/2010 (.xlsx).

To list the rendering extensions, you can use the ReportViewer from the Reporting Services Redistributable Package.
You can download from here

[System.Reflection.Assembly]::Load("Microsoft.ReportViewer.WinForms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91") | Out-Null
$ReportServer = "http://KERRIGAN:80/ReportServer"
$rv = New-Object Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportViewer
$rv.ProcessingMode = "Remote"
$rv.ServerReport.ReportServerUrl = $ReportServer

This should list all the currently supported extensions. In SSRS 2012 they are listed below. Note that both Word 2003 and Excel 2003 are technically still supported, but by default they are hidden from the export dropdown. The Excel and Word that we see in the export dropdown is the EXCELOPENXML and WORDOPENXML formats, which corresponds to the new .xlsx and .docx extensions.

Name LocalizedName Visible
XML XML file with report data True
NULL NullRenderer False
CSV CSV (comma delimited) True
ATOM Data Feed False
RGDI Remote GDI+ file False
MHTML MHTML (web archive) True
EXCEL Excel 2003 False
RPL RPL Renderer True
WORD Word 2003 False
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PowerShell Deep Dives / SQL Server PowerShell Cookbook

This has truly been a busy and exciting year for me. I’ve been blessed to have not one, but two books, in the works.

The PowerShell Deep Dives project is a community-written book on 300 level PowerShell topics. With topics ranging from administration, scripting, to PowerShell Platforms, there is definitely something for everyone. This book will be published by Manning, and all royalties will go to charity. Simply said, all the authors in this book will be contributing their time for charity.

I am very happy and humbled to say my abstract for a chapter for the PowerShell Deep Dives book has been accepted. To say that I will be part of this project is both an honor and a pleasure.

In no particular order, here are the authors of the PowerShell Deep Dives book.If I missed anyone, or if there are incorrect blogs/twitter handles, please let me know.

Author Chapter Topic Blog Twitter
Ed Wilson PowerShell Administration Script Center @ScriptingGuys
Don Jones PowerShell Administration PowerShell with a Purpose @concentrateddon
Richard Siddaway PowerShell Administration, PowerShell Scripting @RSiddaway
Sean Kearney PowerShell Administration @energizedtech
Arnaud Petitjean PowerShell Administration @apetitjean
Boe Prox PowerShell Administration @proxb
Bartek Bielawski PowerShell Administration, PowerShell Scripting @bielawb
Mike Robbins PowerShell Administration @mikefrobbins
Vadims Podans PowerShell Administration
Ashley McGlone PowerShell Administration @goateepfe
James O’Neill PowerShell Scripting
Jeffery Hicks PowerShell Scripting, PowerShell Platforms @JeffHicks
Jonathan Medd PowerShell Scripting @jonathanmedd
Jeff Wouters PowerShell Scripting @JeffWouters
Adam Driscoll PowerShell Scripting @adamdriscoll
Richard Macdonald PowerShell Scripting @_richmac
Kirk Munro PowerShell Scripting @Poshoholic
Matthew Reynolds PowerShell Scripting
Tome Tanasovski PowerShell Scripting,PowerShell for Developers @toenuff
Trevor Sullivan PowerShell for Developers @pcgeek86
Josh Gavant PowerShell for Developers @joshugav
Karl Prosser PowerShell for Developers @karlprosser
Arvind Shyamsundar PowerShell for Developers @arvisam
Jim Christopher PowerShell for Developers @beefarino
Grzegorz Gaêzowski PowerShell for Developers @gsgalezowski
Ben Miller PowerShell Platforms @dbaduck
Donabel Santos PowerShell Platforms @sqlbelle
Robert C Cain PowerShell Platforms @arcanecode
Chris Bellée PowerShell Platforms Hey Scripting Guys contributions
Jason Helmick PowerShell Platforms @theJasonHelmick
Jen Stirrup PowerShell Platforms @jenstirrup
Aaron Nelson PowerShell Platforms @sqlvariant
Doug Finke PowerShell Platforms @dfinke

My other “baby” is SQL Server PowerShell Cookbook – a book that I have been writing for Packt for the last little while. This cookbook style book has a lot of PowerShell snippets specifically for SQL Server, and covers topics from monitoring SQL Server to using PowerShell with the SQL Server Business Intelligence (BI) stack.

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Microsoft Private Cloud Sweepstakes – ends September 6 2012

Learn About The Microsoft Private Cloud to Win a Trip for Two to Mexico!

Microsoft has released new and exciting products that will change the way IT Pros utilize Virtualization and Microsoft Private Cloud solutions.   Two products which are a part of these great changes are the newly released System Center 2012 and the soon to be released Windows Server 2012.  Both of these solutions were designed to make virtualization and extending to the private cloud simpler and much more efficient.

With these new changes to Infrastructure and the IT world, it’s a great time to learn about these new solutions and keep yourself and your organization ahead of the curve in terms of where technology is headed.  In fact, Microsoft has even added an incentive to learn about their Private Cloud solutions through the Skyrocket Sweepstakes!

Entering is easy!  All you have to do is register, and then download a free TechNet evaluation like Windows Server 2012 RC or System Center 2012 to get started.  Every applicable evaluation you download gives you an entry into the sweepstakes! And the best part is the more evaluations you download, the better your chances.  And what’s the prize you may ask? Oh, just a 7 day, 8 night trip for two to Cozumel, Mexico!

The contest ends September 6th so don’t wait!  Register now!

 On Twitter? 

Try #Microsoft’s free #TechNet #Evaluations for a chance to win a trip to Mexico! #SkyrocketSweepstakes

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