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(Following is an excerpt from DevTeach.com site)
Need to convince your boss? Here are 10 ways to convince your boss :

  • The speakers, mostly independent consultant, provide training on issue and know how from real projects in the fields. This Conference is providing training that I cannot get any other way.
  • The Educations Stimulus package. Register 2 attendees and get a free registration! Contact Jean-René Roy for more details
  • The industry is evolving so fast that it’s hard to follow and the only ways you can stay up-to-date is to attend a conference every year.
  • You will find in your conference bag a version of Visual Studio 2008 Professional, ExpressionTM Web 2 and the Tech-Ed Conference DVD Set. Over 1000$ of software!
  • Attending a conference put me in contact with the best mind in the industry. It is the best way to network with writers, trainers, Regional Director and MVP.
  • By the time I find the time to read my books, it is obsolute. Conference saves time by catching up on important area of interest in the industry.
  • Conference typically causes you to think outside the box and see techniques, tricks, and technologies that normally won’t be covered in a training class.
  • Frequently the most interesting conversations happen late night at the conference hotel bar. :)
  • This conference is offering over 119 sessions in three days. It’s providing the most content at a very low cost.
  • DevTeach has the most MVP, RD and the famous writers in all the independent conferences. This conference is having over 50 speakers
  • DevTeach is providing free wireless internet access on site which helps me stay in touch with the office.
  • For the local this conference is a great deal. No Hotel, No Passport, No being away from family, No flights, No Dinner Expenses, and No Foreign Currency Exchange needed

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