Are you a student? Bored of your usual routine assignments? Are you looking for a challenge? Are you looking to start your career *while* you’re still in school? Or do you just want to change the world?

If you said “yes”, or even “kinda” to any of these questions, then you might want to check out – better yet, participate -in Imagine Cup Canada 2012.

Imagine what??

The Imagine Cup is a premier technology competition for students that encourages students to imagine, think, innovate – for the world. We have so many problems globally, and sometimes, all it takes is a little inspiration and a little nudge to make a difference.

Microsoft Canada is hosting Imagine Cup in two categories: Software Design and Windows Phone Game Design. The top three teams in Canada in each category will compete in a Canadian championship event to win cash, career opportunities, and chance to represent Canada at the worldwide finals in Sydney, Australia!

This isn’t your typical assignment though, this promises loads of challenge, loads of fun. You also don’t just get a “typical” mark and a pat in the back – if you win, you take home some goodies (say, Kinect), and a kickstart to your future.

Let me borrow some text from the Imagine Cup website. Me paraphrasing it would not do it justice:

Cash Grants
Winning teams can receive cash grants, mentoring and other support needed to make their dream a reality… The 2011 Imagine Cup worldwide finals held in New York in July 2011 saw cash prizes of $215,000 awarded, and the announcement of a $3 million, 3 year grant to help students’ entry ideas come to life.

Help Make the World a Better Place
Previous winners created a diverse range of ideas from an application that helps search-and-rescue teams coordinate their efforts during natural disasters, to a video game encouraging people to volunteer, and navigation software allowing physically-disabled people to overcome obstacles by identifying barrier-free routes through cities.

Get Recognized as a Future Leader
Making it to the finals has kick-started many careers… the access they get to influential business leaders has been life-changing for many contestants.

What are you waiting for? It’s a win-win situation. Go ahead, sign up now. I know you want to :)

Check out this Imagine Cup 2010 video featuring students who participated, competed, and won – and why they chose to become part of Imagine Cup:

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