Had a question today:
Can the users from a specific AD group be imported into a contact list in Sharepoint

I looked around, and asked around, and there is no “out-of-the-box” way of doing this. They could potentially:
1. Enter the information manually, if there are only a few users
2. Export from AD and import to the Sharepoint list (or copy over using the DataSheet view)
3. Use C#/.NET to programmatically query AD and import the values to Sharepoint

.. or ..

perhaps Powershell can do it?

I am on a quest to take this challenge on, just for the heck of discovering how easy or hard this is.

My Sharepoint/Powershell crash course starts with the following links:

Windows Powershell Owner’s Manual – very good from-the-ground-up documentation from Microsoft.
Windows Powershell Graphical Help File – doesn’t hurt to have the chm documentation handy, with colors and pictures and all
Powershell Quick Reference – 2 page must have cheat sheet
Hey Scripting Guy! – just visit it, you’ll see what I mean
Jessie Hamrick’s PowershellPro! – very well organized, well laid out site that gets you started on Powershell right away
Marc van Orsouw’s The Powershell Guy – lots of good Powershell tidbits
Karine Bosch’s Powershell for Beginners – especially useful because of her tidbits on using Powershell with Sharepoint Lists

So I will be doing a bit of reading, and hoping I can do some experiments later… and discover if Sharepoint and Powershell will work together, or wreak havoc together. I have to say my optimistic side is prevailing right now.

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