I’ve just recently started being active on twitter. Yeah I know that’s pretty late in the game, after Ashton Kutcher passed CNN for the 1 million followers, and after Shaq has changed the face of sports through twitter. Blimey, even PC guy is twittering and has 34,327 followers! Hmm. I should follow PCGuy.

But I got started, and am still learning, mostly from my SQL Server hero Brent Ozar’s posts about twitter!
So in a short period of time, I’ve learned some terms, tried some apps, and tweeted through the web, twitterfon, tweetie and tweetdeck. Very cool stuff, I’m pretty into it, and I’m ureshii! (“happy” in Japanese :) – yeah I’m a big Japanese anything geek!).

I am also happy to find out that BrentO is still following me after months of not tweeting anything! Again, it makes me ureshii!

Yes, I am a big BrentO fan (so obvious isn’t it). I don’t know BrentO personally, haven’t met him – but I’ve read a lot of his articles and seen some of his screencasts. What’s not to be impressed about the guy?

I am first and foremost a DBA/database developer, so all of the SQL Server posts and articles draw me to his site. I find his articles very informative – and inspiring in a lot of ways. Want to learn about being a DBA? He’s got info for you in his site. Want to learn best practices on SQL Server? Performance Tuning? Again, go to his site. Want podcasts, blogs or wikis on anything SQL Server – he’s got that too. He’s editor-in-chief at SQLServerPedia.

Now for non-SQL Server stuff, want to learn more about blogging? WordPress? Twitter? Yep, he’s got those too. Very good articles at that! Just go to his site. Then you’ll believe me.

Ok, so back to my original sentiment. BrentO is still following me! It seems BrentO has very stringent requirements for following someone on twitter – see his post Top 10 Reasons I Am Following You on Twitter

10. Your tweets show a sense of humor.
9. You have an awesome profile photo or name.
8. I know you in real life.
7. I’m friends with your spouse.
6. You use Twitter often, and show pictures every now and then.
5. You have a lot more followers than friends.
4. You’re interacting with other people I know.
3. You suddenly follow me on other social networks.
2. Your blog posts are announced on Twitter.
And Reason #1 Why I’m Following You On Twitter:
You’re involved with something I like, but you’re not an “official” account.

I don’t know which one I passed, maybe #3 (I’m not a stalker! I only have twitter and linkedin, so Im guessing it’s because I follow him on twitter?) and #2 (something I’ve just recently recently done). Or maybe because I am a big fan of his, and he can make a small exception :)

Whatever it is, I hope I keep on doing it. Definitely don’t want BrentO to drop me from his list :)

As for me, hi ho hi ho, a-twittering I will go!

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