This may seem like a trivial “trick”. I thought so too at first, but I’ve found that I use this trick over and over again.

When developing scripts, often times I find myself commenting some blocks of code out, either to explore, to test, to debug, or to simply try out other T-SQL constructs. When you have commented code using the C-style comment, it is easy to select any block of code inside and execute them:

SELECT * FROM sometable;
SELECT * FROM anothertable;

But what if you used SQL Server Management Studio’s (SSMS) single line comment shortcut to comment out parts of your code?

SSMS - Single Line Comment Shortcut

Of course you can use the uncomment shortcut, but that’s still a bit of work. Highlight code, move mouse to SSMS toolbar, click on icon, execute. No I’m not a whiner, I just like doing things more efficiently when possible. Imagine, take that one icon click, and if you do it 10x or 20x in a day, it adds up :)

What you can do (or try) is to press the ALT key, then highlight the code you want to execute, then execute.

Selecting and executing commented T-SQL code

Selecting and executing commented T-SQL code

Small trick that saves you one icon click. Seemingly trivial, but believe me, it does make your work faster.

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