I am both excited and nervous (as usual)! SQLSaturdays are special events for me – especially when I’m presenting!

I will be presenting on SSRS Beyond the Basics (aka SSRS 202). Here’s my abstract:

SQL Server Reporting Services – Beyond the Basics

You’re already familiar with your data sources and datasets, and already comfortable with your basic tables and matrices. Now you want to add a bit more “zing” to your reports.

In this presentation we will look different ways of using and extending Reporting Services. In this session we will work with expressions to add dynamic components to SSRS, create drilldowns and drillthroughs, use custom code to modularize our logic, connect to non-SQL Server data sources, and utilize your geospatial data by plotting them onto SSRS maps.

We’ll include a few more cool stuff you might not have known about SSRS! This presentation will be demo-filled. You’ll be sure to go home with ready-to-use tricks up your sleeve.

I am putting finishing touches on my presentation. I’ve added a few more GeoSpatial content, I’m pretty excited. Whoever’s attending my presentation, I hope you’ll like it :)

See you in a week’s time!

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