SQLTeach/DevTeach Vancouver 2009 - Stimulus Package

SQLTeach/DevTeach Vancouver 2009 – Stimulus Package

SQLTeach/DevTeach is offering a “stimulus package” – register for 2 attendees to the SQLTeach/DevTeach Vancouver conference on June 8-12, 2009

Excerpt from DevTeach site:

In difficult times the best thing you can do is to upgrade your skills. This is why DevTeach came up with the idea of an Education stimulus package. You can get a free registration when your company or group registers two attendees at our main event. So register 2 attendees and get one free! This promotion is applicable on the early bird price and will run until June 8th. You can take advantage of this deal even if you are using a rebate code. If you compare our price with any similar event in the USA you will find that our price is significantly lower. For you guys coming from the US it’s even a better deal because of the exchange rate

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