SQL Server-Related Cheat Sheets That Can Save You Time

I previously posted about a SQL Server CheatSheet from DotNet4All that I thought was useful and comprehensive. If you already know what you need to do, but just forgot the syntax because you haven’t done it in eons, then  a well organized, concise, complete cheat sheet can save the day.


Here are a few other ones:

General SQL Server

Scribd T-SQL


SQL Server Shortcuts
SQLArticles (really good, exhaustive list!)
SQLAuthority SSMS Shortcuts


Connection Strings


Regex (especially when you’re working with SQLCLR/Regex)
.NET Regex Cheat Sheet
(AddedBytes used to be known as ILoveJackDaniels, but that name has changed. Dave has a *lot* of useful cheat sheets in his site.)


SQL Injection
Ferruh Mavituna


MSDN Blogs (PDF)
MSDN Blogs (MS Word)


SQL Server 2008


SQL Server DBA Interview Questions
SQLAuthority Interview Questions – Complete List

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Clustering SQL Server 2005 Videos … and some hacking

Brian Knight has posted a lot of good videos on JumpStartTV, including the following clustering videos:

  • Windows and SQL Server 2005 Clustering Architecture  (16:14)
  • Clustering Windows 2003 R2  (13:26)
  • Clustering SQL Server 2005  (16:21)

Plus one video on how to hack (read: SQL Injection), and prevent hacking, SQL Server:

  • Hacking SQL Server   (55:59)

These are good videos, some of them almost an hour long like the Hacking video, most in the 5-15 minute duration. What’s also good about the site is  on the sidebar, the “pre-requisite” videos are mentioned.

JumpStartTV also has videos on Administration, High Availability, Performance Tuning, SMO, Data Warehousing and SSIS (Brian Knight made a whole bunch on SSIS), to name a few.

The videos are free, but JumpStartTV requires registration.

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