Here is a partial list of valid XSD data types for SQL Server 2005:

xsd:int or xsd:integer


Note that in SQL Server 2005, the timezone needs to be included in the date or dateTime element or attribute value, for example:

    <Author AuthorID="1" FirstName="John" LastName="Doe" 
            DateJoined="1992-05-01Z" DateTimeJoined="1992-05-01T00:00:00Z"/>

Note the existence of the letter Z at the end of the date and datetime attributes.


Microsoft also provided a list of schemas in It includes the following AdventureWorks sample schemas:

  • AdventureWorks Customer Contact Information Schema
  • AdventureWorks Customer Contact Record Schema
  • AdventureWorks Customer Contact Type Schema
  • AdventureWorks Consumer Demographics Survey Schema
  • AdventureWorks Product Catalog Schema
  • AdventureWorks Manufacturing Instructions Document Schema
  • AdventureWorks Product Warranty and Maintenance Information Schema
  • AdventureWorks Standard Resume Schema
  • AdventureWorks Retail Stores Demographics Survey Schema
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