I am a self-professed SQL Server geek. Yes I am. And I am very, very excited about the SQL Server 2012 launch. SQL Server 2012 is a significant leap from its predecessors, and SQL Server is entering a whole new world with this version. Be part of the coolness – Register here for the Virtual Launch event

There are a lot of improvements that I am pretty excited about, but I have to play favorites right now. My absolute favorites are the BI improvements:

PowerView + Big Data + SSRS Improvements

Right now, PowerView just blows my mind. I can see a lot of challenges that this tool can solve. I just wish this was available as a standalone/standard tool, then it will definitely make more people happy.

Check out the PowerView features outlined in the SSRS team blog.

Also check out these links:
SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services
SQL Server 2012 BI Reporting Overview

DQS – Data Quality Services

Most of us have bad data. And most of us have to struggle with cleaning our data.
I think it’s high time that SQL Server integrated a tool to help us clean the data. DQS helps profile and cleanse your data. The coolest thing? It’s a “learning” solution. You can capture the knowledge base from previous scans, and feed it back to the system to make it “smarter”.

Want to learn more about DQS?
Introducing Data Quality Services
SQL Server 2012 DQS

Register for the Launch Event

Be part of the cool kids! Register here for the Virtual Launch event

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SQL Server 2012 Breakthrough insight

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